Creating a Positive Pattern in Your Life


I love podcasts!

They are a great thing to keep you motivated and inspired whilst busily working in the studio. Recently, I’ve been trying to move away from the usual crime/celebrity interviews to something with a bit more meaning and mindfulness, especially into the new year.

I came across the The Inner Truth podcast, which is a platform for self-discovery, run by David Newell. He has interviewed key people in modern society that influence how we could think (not so hippy dippy as you may think).

One episode interviews Anna Murray from Patternity, who discusses the wellness impact of pattern, promoting mindfulness and a sense of connection with the world through looking at, not just the big picture, but the tiny details- patterns in life. I think what Anna and Grace have created with Patternity is super progressive and eye-opening and has helped me look beyond my own work and how I can contribute to the industry in a positive way.