Bode New York

As a textile designer, you often find yourself being a magpie for all things vintage and when this fashion brand showed up in my world, I was so darn happy as it was all the things I love.

It made me so nostalgic for my parent’s own vintage wardrobe from when they lived in Hong Kong in the 1970’s. My mum used to have these beautiful handcrafted Filipino traditional items, like the barong, which she’d mix with retro pieces. When I saw Bode’s collection, they took me back to this- resembling the qualities and colours; I especially love the embroidered shirts and the fact they are intended for unisex wear makes me so happy.

Bode manages to revive bohemian style to another level of cool- their ability to source vintage and create bespoke unisex pieces, is really something unique to the rest of the industry today. They’ve pushed traditional craft methods, like Indian block printing (blowing up motifs) and traditional weaves (using table linens and making them into shirts) creating lovely bespoke one-off items that you just won’t find in a vintage shop today. This attitude towards anti-mass market is something we should all aspire to. Thankfully, there is definitely a change sparking in the fashion industry and I do feel hopeful for the future. I am finding myself getting more excited about smaller brands who follow a real identity to what they do, and Bode is one of them.

All images sourced from Bode’s instagram.