How much do you charge?

I am happy to send you a price list along with a contract, which covers a working agreement. I charge per print, with additional charges for alterations and colourways and moodboards. If you work on a day-rate basis, I am happy to negotiate.

Contact me at studiolecocq@gmail.com.

Do you work in-house?

Unfortunately, I’ve moved to the outer boroughs of Cambridge, which makes commuting a bit of a pain on a daily basis. However, I am happy to travel for one-off meetings local and abroad and I am available to chat on the phone, whatsapp, facetime, email etc. My aim is to have clear communication between the client and the studio,as we want to create the best outcomes from project briefs.

How long does it take to create a design?

It really depends! After communicating with the client, then the design process really happens. Sometimes it takes creating a few mood boards to get the right inspiration and direction before sketches start. Usually we start sketches and send these over for approval, before creating the final design. Sometimes the design can take a few hours to a few days, dependent on the detail and time it takes to create (prices are adjusted to the time put in).

Do you sell at trade fairs?

Although I stay up-to-date with trade fairs, I visit Premiere Vision twice a year, I do not have a stand. As I am an independent studio, I aim to create an online service which can be reached globally and target clients directly to make sure they get the design they want.

Do you offer more than textile designs?

I do, I can consult with you to create mood boards, or brainstorm collection ideas (I’ve had several years experience working in Design and Trend forecasting). I also love to illustrate and have a passion for detail, so would love to work on other projects beyond fashion.

How do you create CAD files?

I use both Adobe software and Kaledo CAD to create artwork files. So you have the option to have the files indexed (colour-reduced), with full repeat measurements and Pantone matched colours. This makes the file ready to send for production. Alternatively, other suppliers are happy to have files in layers as a Photoshop file or even as a flat PDF. Each supplier is different.

If you are interested in learning how to use CAD software, I am happy to share my knowledge with you. Get in touch!